donderdag 26 april 2012

The Glossybox - April 2012 is here!

Hi you all!

Yesterday I got my first glossybox! Check their website here:
Gossybox website! I think it's for Dutchies only (sorry!)

Glossybox april 2012

Cute little box

Looks like a present :D

Products inside :) - see discription below
De Glossybox kost per maand 12.50 euro. Je krijgt hiervoor 5 cosmetica miniaturen (soms zelfs full size producten!). Ik heb deze box nu voor het eerst. Mijn 12.50 euro is zeker qua geld uit. Qua kwaliteit moet ik ze nog uitproberen.

Ik heb net wel de body butter geprobeerd. Het ruikt lekker, trekt snel in en mijn handen zijn nu lekker zacht :D

Het enige full size product dit keer is de nagellak van Essie. Ik heb de kleur: Lovie Dovie ~ adviesprijs 9.99 euro.

Al met al best wel: SUPER :D

woensdag 25 april 2012

Great Viewcard from China

Hi you all!

Yesterday this card was in my mailbox :-)
It came from China. Della was on a family trip when she bought this.

maandag 23 april 2012

Letter to Victoria

Hi you all!

Today I wrote a letter to Victoria - Berlin!

Below you can see the picture! Also included some tea for you Vic! ;)

Hope you'll like it :-)

16 km from my home!

Hello everyone!

This weekend I received a Postcrossing card from 16 km away! Hihi! It's the 188 card I received trough PC with this account.
This card came from an 11 year old girl. Her name is Meike.
You can see the pics below as usual :-)

NL-1170469 Meikemeis

vrijdag 20 april 2012

Letter to Rin

Hi you all!
Few days ago I wrote a letter to a new pal Rin. You might have seen her letter to me on my blog!

Below is my return letter. Wrote it on Diddl paper again :D Just L U V that!

I hope she receive's this letter soon! :-)

Package to send and a card to register

Hi you all!
Today I got a Postcrossing card from Lithuania
LT-201575 Bildukas.

And also I will send out this package to Nathaly - Belgium. This is for the "I offer items with a theme tag" and I will send her the "stationery theme"! Hope she likes it. Only a pic from the envie this time because otherwise it's no suprise!

maandag 16 april 2012

Mail over the weekend!

Hi you all!

In the weekend I got some mail from Finland, Australia and Belarus.

A Diddl letterpaper tag from Finland! Thanks Miia :)

And a postcrossing card from Belarus

A postcrossing card from Germany

Also my first letter from Rin - Australia! I will reply soon Rin:)

I loved the stationery she used :) It's all so creative Rin ;)
Will be hard to overcome your creativity :P She added stickers, thanks for the goodie Rin :D

Have a great day you all!

woensdag 11 april 2012

Card for my new baby (second) cousin!

Hi you all,

I'm so happy to tell you that I have gained a new second cousin. His name is Dex, he's 4100 grams and 54 cm. He was born today.

This card below is send to his parents!

dinsdag 10 april 2012

Letter to Jennifer

Hello :-)

This evening I wrote a letter to Jennifer. You can see a picture of it.

Hope it reaches you soon!

Card from Katie

Hi again! ;)

A card came trough my mailbox this afternoon. This one's from Katharina :) She send me a card from I guess her holiday in Obertauern - Austria.

Thanks Katie :)

Traveling Envelope back home!

Hi again!

Today I got my traveling envelope back!
You can see the pics below. It visited Spain and Romania.
Thanks Danielabmp (RO) and Belessita (ES).

I offer items with a theme tag

Today I received a big envie with loads of stuff! For the I offer items with a theme tag, this time stationery and bookmarks/cards themes. Received from Ikran3 ~ THANKS A LOT GILL!

First a pic of the envie

On the pics;
- Bookmarks
- Booklets
- Cards
- Envelope
- Writing paper
- Pencil, pen and eraser

Thanks again!!!

maandag 9 april 2012

Diddl Letterpaper tag again!

Hi You All!

Will send another envie with Diddl letterpaper in it. This time to Finland! :D

I hope it reaches her soon! :-D

zaterdag 7 april 2012

Sending Diddl letterpaper tag

After Easter I will send out this envelope with 5 sheets of Diddl paper in it. It's not fun for the receiver to see what is in the envie so no photo. Only from the envie :)

No stamps on it yet! Because I need to buy them :)

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Mail from Germany!

Hi again!
Yesterday I also got a letter from Jennifer. Normaly it would come from England but this time it came from Germany! :-) She is visiting her boyfriend who lives there.

She even enclosed tea with the letter. This time she used such cute writing paper, AGAIN :D

I'll write back soon Jennifer!

Outgoing penpal mail!

Today some mail is going out!

A letter to Emilie in Brighton ~ USA

And a letter to Steffani in Port Townsend ~ USA

I hope these letters will reach their destination soon :-)

woensdag 4 april 2012

Outgoing PC Mail

Hi everyone!

I've got some outgoing postcrossing mail!

NL-1143387 to bvtroth will travel 7660 km to USA

NL-1143450 to Gocha98 will travel 760 km to Poland

NL-1143507 to Sanne684 will travel 149 km to The Netherlands

NL-1143421 to Jekyll will travel 7813 km to Peoples Republic of China
Hope they arrive soon! :-) Perhaps I'll send out some penpal mail too. I'll see what the day brings me :)

dinsdag 3 april 2012

Letter from Emilie

Hi you all,
I got my first card from my newest penpal Emilie. THANKS A LOT for the colourful envie and the great tulip card.

You can see the pics below :)

maandag 2 april 2012

Weekend Mail!

Hi again!
Another new week! Up early again and my boyfriend is of to work.
I'll post here what I got this weekend!

Postcrossing mail!:

 daysPL-390907 Possibility19 from Poland traveled 752 km in

NL-1131212 empawiel from The Netherlands traveled 172 km in 4 days

FI-1381060 Marlee from Finland traveled 1854 km in 6 days
Penpal mail:

I got a letter from my penpal Steffani! :) Didn't hear from her in a while. So I'm glad I received this one from her :)