vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Received yesterday! (29 March 2012)

Hi :)

Yesterday I received a Postcrossing card from the Ukraine.
Odessa to be excact. This is the opera house.

UA-238909 Stranger991

A bit of info about Odessa:

Odessa or Odesa is the third largest city in Ukraine, with a population of 1,003,705. The city is a major seaport located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea and the administrative center of the Odessa Oblast.
The predecessor of Odessa, a small Tatar settlement, was founded by Hacı I Giray, the Khan of Crimea, in 1240 and originally named after him as "Hacıbey". After a period of Lithuanian control, it passed into the domain of the Ottoman Sultan in 1529 and remained in Ottoman hands until the Ottoman Empire's defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1792. The city of Odessa was founded by a decree of the Empress Catherine the Great in 1794. From 1819 to 1858 Odessa was a free port. During the Soviet period it was the most important port of trade in the Soviet Union and a Soviet naval base. On 1 January 2000 the Quarantine Pier of Odessa trade sea port was declared a free port and free economic zone for a term of 25 years.
In the 19th century it was the fourth largest city of Imperial Russia, after Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw.[1] Its historical architecture has a style more Mediterranean than Russian, having been heavily influenced by French and Italian styles. Some buildings are built in a mixture of different styles, including Art Nouveau, Renaissance and Classicist.[2]
Odessa is a warm water port. The city of Odessa hosts two important ports: Odessa itself and Yuzhne (also an internationally important oil terminal), situated in the city's suburbs. Another important port, Illichivs'k, is located in the same oblast, to the south-west of Odessa. Together they represent a major transport hub integrating with railways. Odessa's oil and chemical processing facilities are connected to Russia's and EU's respective networks by strategic pipelines.

dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Heading out

I will send a letter to Katie tomorrow you can see the pic of the envelope below:

And a tag to the Czech Republic with Diddl stationery you can see the picture below as usual:

A new week of mail!

Hi !!!!

Yesterday I got a postcrossing card from Russia. You can see the pic below:

RU-848102 From TatianaS traveled 4069 km in 14 days
I also send out a letter to Jennifer - UK

zondag 25 maart 2012

Incoming mail!

Hi you all,

In the last few days some mail came trough to my front door.
See the pics below :)

Incoming Postcrossing cards:

CH-104475 from Ismea traveled 565 km in 6 days

BY-390320 from NastiaSmail traveled 1218 km in 7 days

Thank you card from Carly- USA
Incoming penpal mail:

Letter from Victoria - Germany

Letter from Jennifer - UK

Card from Katharina - Austria

Letter from Katharina - Austria
Outgoing penpal mail:

Letter to Victoria - Germany

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Incoming postcrossing mail

Hi again!
Today these postcrossing cards came in!


DE-1293914 from Inken traveled 277 km in 6 days

TW-500788 from a1010101 traveled 9498 km in 4 days

Envelope of the above envelope

Thank you card from Ukraine

Hunkemöller: Get a Look Behind the Scenes

Card to Australia

Hi you all,

Today I wrote a card to my penpal Rin from Australia. It was her birthday the other day. I didn't know and as my first letter to her didn't arrive in Australia I will send her this one (in stead).

Hope it arrives this time!!

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Another card in the mail!

Hi you all!

Today I found this postcrossin card in the mail!
It came from Lithuania this time :)

LT-195061 Rokas from Lithuania traveled 1234 km in 5 days

zondag 18 maart 2012

Outgoing snail mail

Hi again today!

I decided to write to Emilie in the USA. Hopefully she will be my new penpal.

The envelope it made from an old magazine.

Traveling Envelope RR Group 27 and a letter

This envelope for the Traveling Envelope RR Group 27 will travel home to Daniela_dmp tomorrow.

I also send out a letter to Canada today but forgot to take a pic from the envelope so you'll have to settle with a pic of the stationery I used.

Incoming postcrossing mail

Yesterday I also got a postcrossing card from The Netherlands.

NL-1105410 from Reuver traveled 80 km in 2 days

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Traveling Envelope RR Group 27

Hi and good evening to you all,

A few days ago I received an envelope for the Traveling Envelope RR ~ Group 27 from Belessita (ES) to send on to Daniela_dmp (RO).

I will sent it on tomorrow :)

Letter from Deidre

Hi you all,

With a cup of yellow fruit fair trade tea along the side I'll share the letter I got yesterday from Deidre (Canada).

I got not only a letter but also a beautiful (mail art) envelope and a pic from Deidre and her dog Xena. Also there's a postcard from Kelowna - Canada where Deidre lives.

I'll reply soon Deedee :)

dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Letters to Katie and Jennifer

Hi You all,

Yesterday I wrote 2 letters. One to Katharina in Austria and one to Jennifer to in UK.

Please see the cute envelope for Jennifer below:

And I made another envelope out of an old magazine. This one's for Katie!!!

maandag 12 maart 2012

Outgoing postcrossing mail

Hi for the 3rd time today,

I felt like postcrossing again so I've sent 3 more cards again.
As I can send 12 now :P

NL-1097532 to frarojofan will travel 111 km to the Netherlands

NL-1097568 to Mie will travel 9308 km to Japan

NL-1097591 to Petrash will tavel 1719 km to Ukraine
Hope these reach their destination fast!!

Letter from my new penpal Jennifer

Hi again!
Thank you Jennifer for your nice first letter! I will reply soon! :)

I loved the dolphin themed stationery you used. The Roald Dahl stamp you used is great too. It's not stamped :P

Cutest letter from Katharina

Hi you all!

Past weekend I received a letter from Katie :)
Loved the stationery she used! Where did you get it???
There were some Japanse/Chinese signs on there ;)

Well see the pic I made down here:

donderdag 8 maart 2012

Traveling Envelop RR Group 27

This cover is going out too tomorrow!! It wil travel to Romania and Spain and then come back to me!! With loads of stamps I hope!!

Some postcrossing mail going out!

Hi you all,
I felt like postcrossing today!

NL-1089422 to Brass_Gears will travel 7355 km to USA

NL-1089552 to SeuteDeern25 will travel 280 km to Germany

NL-1089483 to Margifree will travel 2023 km to Russia

NL-1089575 to Lohmatiy will travel 1463 km to Belarus

NL-1089644 to jqsxdr will travel 9467 km to Taiwan

NL-1089709 to outoftheblur will travel 9256 km to Hong Kong
NL-1089609 to Zhensa will travel 8863 km to China
NL-1089786 to sweetlemon will travel 1231 km to Lithuania
NL-1089824 to carolyninaus will travel 16141 km to Australia

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Card from a postcrossing meeting - Groningen - NL

Hi you all!

Yesterday I got a card from the postcrossing meeting in Groningen - The Netherlands. So much people signed it. I LOVE IT. And another Nouvelles for my collection!!! Thanks http://www.funnycard.nl/ for the amazing card!!

vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Letter to my newest penpal Jennifer :)

Hi you all again,

Tomorrow I will send out a letter to my newest penpal Jennifer (the link is from her blog) Hope to see my letter there soon :)

Well as usual you can find the envelope down here: