woensdag 7 november 2012

Another card from Russia

Hi again,
Just a short message saying I received this card from Moscow-Russia. It's from a guy named Alexander.



It traveled 2.107 km in 11 days.
Thanks Alexander!

Letters :)

Hi you all!

This week I received a letter from Jennifer - UK. You can see the very pink letter in the pic below :)


And I also wrote a letter to Katharina in Austria. This letter will go in the mail today! So hopefully she gets it somewhere next week.

maandag 5 november 2012


Hi everyone,

On the 27th of October I received a postcrossing card from Russia. It was send by a user called Lenorela. It traveled 1.748 km in 10 days.

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

A letter to England

Hi you all,

Yesterday I mailed a letter to my pan Jennifer in England. A cute almost pink letter ;)

I hope it reaches you soon Jen! :D Still need to write 2 letters. 1 to Germany & one to Austria. 

maandag 8 oktober 2012

Some postcrossing cards going out!

Hi you all!

I feld like postcrossing today so I wrote 2 cards.

The first is going to Germany

And the 2nd one is going to Russia
I hope these cards will reach their destination soon! 

vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Incoming last 3 weeks

Hi everyone!
It's been a while I know sorry!
Well below you can find incoming letters from 3 of my pals :)

1. From my newest pal Tanja from Germany

2. From Jennifer who lives in the UK
3. From my longest pal Katharina who lives in Austria
I will write all of you back soon I promisse! :)

zondag 9 september 2012

New Penpal in Gernany

Hi you all!
In the morning I will mail this envelope below to my newest pal Tanja. I hope this will be the beginning of a long friendship!

maandag 3 september 2012

Outgoing letter to the UK

Hi you all!

Today a letter to Jennifer is going in the mail! I only made a scan of the envelope because there's a little extra inside. I didn't want to spoil the suprise :)

A letter to my new pal Tanja ~ Germany will be send out too but still need to write it :)

maandag 27 augustus 2012

Long ago!

Hi you all,

It is already a long while since I've written something on this blog! I will try (as usual) to write more!
Last week a letter from Jennifer got here :) I am writing a reply now. You can see a pic from the envie below :D

First is the letter I got before the letter I'm replying to!

And 2nd the letter I got last week :D

zondag 17 juni 2012

Letter to the UK

Hi you all!
Due to a bad EC game of my home country I'm posting this letter to Jennifer ~ UK. Jennifer my old address is on the back but inside there's the new one. PLEASE USE THE NEW ONE next time :)

vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Letters coming in :)

Hi you all!
I got some letters trough my mailbox lately but due to being busy in our new home I didn't have the time :) SORRY! :D

The letter below I got from Jennifer ~ UK :) Thanks for the great Diddl sheets and the lovely smelling tea Jen! :D

I'll reply as soon as I have the chance Jen! REAL BUSY at the moment :)

I also got a letter from Opitz_97 ~ USA. It took her a while but it finally got here :)

Thanks for the extra sheets girl :D Will reply soon :)
I got a letter from Emilie ~ USA. This one I already replied to.

And the final letter I got was from my dear friend from Austria, Katharina :) Thanks for your reply Katie :)


donderdag 14 juni 2012

Finally a Letter to Emilie

Hi you all,
It's been a while but because of being busy in our new home I haven't had any time to write let alone update this blog!

So here's a first of 4 replies. This one's to Emilie ~ USA
There's a little suprise in there for you Emilie :)

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

Sending out a thank you card!!


Today I wrote this thank you card for some one in the UK! I won bookmarks on her blog and wanted to thank her with this card. I'll mail it out tommorow (if I don't forget) :-)

donderdag 31 mei 2012

Letter to Sarah

Hi again !
I wrote another letter :-)
This one goes to Sarah ~ USA and I enclosed a card from the place a live.

woensdag 30 mei 2012

Letter to Katharina

Hi you all,
It's been a while but here's another mail post from me.

Today I wrote a letter to Katharina ~ Austria.

donderdag 24 mei 2012

Letter from Sarah

Hi again!
Today I received the belated letter/card from Sarah ~ USA!
You can see the pic below :-)

I'll reply as soon as I can :-)

Letter to Deidre

Today I've written a letter to Deidre who lives in Canada :)
Below you can see the envelope


maandag 21 mei 2012

Letter to Jennifer

Hi you all,
Yesterday I wrote my reply to Jennifer ~ UK
Below you can see the pic I took from the writingpaper, envelope and goodies I've send out this morning.

donderdag 17 mei 2012

2 letter to show

Hi you all!

On this day off : Ascension Day!
See the link for an explenation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feast_of_the_Ascension

I have got 2 letters I've got to show you!
One from Jennifer - UK
And one from Katharina - Austria
I will reply soon girls :)

maandag 7 mei 2012


Hi you all!

Over the weekend I got a letter from Steffani ~ USA. You can see the envelope below :-)

I already replied to her but forgot to make a pic of it so you'll have a suprise in your mailbox Steffani :)

Jennifer didn't get my last letter so I'm hoping she gets this one!! 

I also got a letter from Deidre :) Such cute stationery :) My letter to you will be on it's way soon.

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Truly Yours Box April 2012

Hallo allemaal/hello everyone :D

Today my Truly Yours Box of April got here!!! :D Jeeeej!
Truly yours box van April is er :D

dinsdag 1 mei 2012


Hi you all

Just before last weekend I got a Postcrossing card from Belgium.

BE-147327 juytters2
There were loads of nice stamps on the envelope. Thanks Jo! I'm sure one of my penfriend will like them very much!

donderdag 26 april 2012

The Glossybox - April 2012 is here!

Hi you all!

Yesterday I got my first glossybox! Check their website here:
Gossybox website! I think it's for Dutchies only (sorry!)

Glossybox april 2012

Cute little box

Looks like a present :D

Products inside :) - see discription below
De Glossybox kost per maand 12.50 euro. Je krijgt hiervoor 5 cosmetica miniaturen (soms zelfs full size producten!). Ik heb deze box nu voor het eerst. Mijn 12.50 euro is zeker qua geld uit. Qua kwaliteit moet ik ze nog uitproberen.

Ik heb net wel de body butter geprobeerd. Het ruikt lekker, trekt snel in en mijn handen zijn nu lekker zacht :D

Het enige full size product dit keer is de nagellak van Essie. Ik heb de kleur: Lovie Dovie ~ adviesprijs 9.99 euro.

Al met al best wel: SUPER :D

woensdag 25 april 2012

Great Viewcard from China

Hi you all!

Yesterday this card was in my mailbox :-)
It came from China. Della was on a family trip when she bought this.

maandag 23 april 2012

Letter to Victoria

Hi you all!

Today I wrote a letter to Victoria - Berlin!

Below you can see the picture! Also included some tea for you Vic! ;)

Hope you'll like it :-)

16 km from my home!

Hello everyone!

This weekend I received a Postcrossing card from 16 km away! Hihi! It's the 188 card I received trough PC with this account.
This card came from an 11 year old girl. Her name is Meike.
You can see the pics below as usual :-)

NL-1170469 Meikemeis