donderdag 8 maart 2012

Some postcrossing mail going out!

Hi you all,
I felt like postcrossing today!

NL-1089422 to Brass_Gears will travel 7355 km to USA

NL-1089552 to SeuteDeern25 will travel 280 km to Germany

NL-1089483 to Margifree will travel 2023 km to Russia

NL-1089575 to Lohmatiy will travel 1463 km to Belarus

NL-1089644 to jqsxdr will travel 9467 km to Taiwan

NL-1089709 to outoftheblur will travel 9256 km to Hong Kong
NL-1089609 to Zhensa will travel 8863 km to China
NL-1089786 to sweetlemon will travel 1231 km to Lithuania
NL-1089824 to carolyninaus will travel 16141 km to Australia

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